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Panini wI:Deal
Optimized for a wide range of applications involving checks and other document types The Panini wI:Deal™ is a true “all-in-one”, multi-format device made affordable. Whether it’s a small to medium business owner, healthcare provider, or bank branch manager, the user can scan checks and other documents associated with payments, quickly and professionally. Extending and leveraging the superior design and check processing performance of the I:Deal® check scanner, the wI:Deal™ continues the Panini tradition of innovation by adding a complete multi-format document automation capability, allowing to scan full-page documents, checks, envelopes, and rigid documents, such as ID cards and driver’s licenses. The Panini wI:Deal is the perfect fit for companies who need to accurately scan checks and associated documents, for a complete payment transaction capture solution. Applications include virtual (or distributed) lockbox, small business Remote Deposit Capture, and vertical industry payment applications such as healthcare, real estate, insurance, check cashing, non-profit, and many more. The wI:Deal preserves true check processing functionality – and related security – while enabling complementary operations and adding value to a wide range of vertical applications; it continues the Panini tradition of ease of use and ergonomics, while promoting convenience and space efficiency at the user’s desk. Finally, the wI:Deal allows integration with existing imaging applications thanks to Panini’s TWAIN interface.