Panini Vision E

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Сheck Scanner

Panini Vision E

An intelligent RDC check scanner

The Panini Vision E is built on the foundation of the world’s best selling check scanner, the Panini Vision X®, and responds to the industry demand for an affordable, API-free and driverless batch check scanner for remote deposit capture (RDC).

The Panini Vision E is designed for higher volume RDC and avoids the installation and periodic updates of APIs and drivers and all the related maintenance overhead. It removes those barriers and can also be used wirelessly or connected directly to a LAN.

Vision E features innovative and versatile capabilities such as:

  • API free, Operating System agnostic integration – providing true check capture & truncation capability with a variety of host devices and applications including MAC OS support
  • Vision X level, undisputed reliability
  • One-line ink jet endorsement and Ultraviolet front imaging options